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I bring a passion for learning new technologies quickly together with deep knowledge of how to structure content and create meaningful user experience. I've always been the type of person who can see the big picture but isn't afraid to dive into the details.


JavaScript, jQuery, ES6, AJAX, HTML, CSS, Node, Express, React, Vue ... and whatever's in your stack that I haven't learned yet. I learn new tools and frameworks quickly.

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UX strategy, documentation, writing, proofreading, editing, fact-checking, marketing strategy, research, art direction, editorial project management, coaching writers, Adobe Creative Suite


I'm very comfortable with Git and can write legible pull requests and commit messages. But more importantly, I know how to collaborate across cross-functional teams and problem-solve on the fly.

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I love solving real problems and building fun stuff for the web.


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Response magazine

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Hannah Notess

Hannah Notess

I recently completed a certificate in JavaScript programming at the University of Washington. I love writing code and stories, building great user experiences, and learning new tools. I'm also an experienced communicator in digital and print media with a background in higher education marketing.

Find out more about my work on LinkedIn, Github, Twitter, or my personal site.

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